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Botox in Toronto: 5 Do’s and Don’ts

It's your first time doing Botox and you don’t know what to expect? Here are 5 do’s and don’ts of Botox. Contact us to book a visit to our Botox Toronto and Burlington Botox locations for a consultation.

What to expect after your Botox treatment?

When you have a professional injector administering your Botox in Toronto, the treated area can offer you a relaxed, refreshed and more youthful appearance. It can also help to enhance your features and prevent lines and wrinkles from developing.

Immediately after your Botox injection you may experience some redness or swelling which will subside within 10 minutes. Some improvement starts to become visible after 3-5 days and full results can take up to two weeks. The treated area becomes smoother and “refreshed”. During this time, you will also get a follow up call from our clinic to see how things are progressing. It is common to have a feeling of “tightness” in the treatment area. This is very normal and will subside in 1-2 weeks. After three months you'll notice gradual movement is returning. If you have some stubborn lines around the treated area it's best to book an appointment with us to do another follow up treatment. It ideal to stop all muscle movement for best results. Botox treatments usually last for 3-4 months.

Since Botox treatments take only 20 mins and you can leave the office within minutes of having the injection. It's a very safe and proven non-surgical procedure. It's possible to develop the following extremely rare side-effect. If you experience any of the symptoms below call our clinic or emergency services right away.

  • Excessive and prolonged bleeding
  • Difficulty breathing - call 911
  • Fatigue, weakness or loss of strength
  • Fever or severe flu-like symptoms
  • Neck pain or persistent headache
  • Excessive swelling
  • Rash, hives or itching
  • Vision and eye problems including dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, drooping eyelids, and decreased eyesight

Our Top 5 DONT'S After Getting Botox

1. Remain upright and don't rub or touch the area where Botox was injected

Avoid touching the injection site for the next 4-6 hours. This is important because Botox can spread into unintended areas and cause complications such as droopy eyelid. Furthermore, patients are advised to remain upright for at least 4 hours after the injections to ensure proper absorption of the Botox into the muscle.

2. Refrain from any extra or strenuous activity after Botox

We always let out clients know that they should stay away from any extra or strenuous activity for at least 24 hours after their Botox treatment. If you are thinking about doing pilates, go for a jog with your dog or cleaning the house, it is all out of the question if you just had your botox treatment. The reason for this is that after a botox treatment, the different proteins in the Botox will diffuse into the treated area. When there is increase blood flow, there is a chance that the body metabolizes the product before diffusion is complete. Increase blood flow could also migrate the product before diffusion is complete.

3. Avoid alcohol consumption before Botox

We advise our clients not to consume alcohol several days leading up to your Botox appointment. Alcohol thins the blood and can increase the chances of bruising and swelling.

4. Book massage or any facials treatments at least one week after your Botox treatment

As pointed out earlier, it's best not to touch the Botox treatment area. Laying on your face during massage or having a facial treatment done can potentially affect the desired outcome of your treatment.

5. Avoid blood thinning medication or supplement after Botox

For the best results we advise our client to not take any blood thinning medication or supplements one week prior to their Botox treatment and 48 hours after. This will decrease the chance of bruising, excessive bleeding and swelling. Avoid Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) such as such as Ibuprofen, Motrin and Aleve. Please talk to your injector if you are taking any medication or vitamins that could cause thinning in your blood.

Bonus: Our Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your Botox Benefits

  1. Take Care of Your Skin

Always remember to wash and moisturize your skin daily. When you keep your skin nourished and you help maximize the benefits of botox which will help decrease reappearance of wrinkles and deep lines. Medical grade skin care such Vivier, Skintx, and Platine will actually compliment your Botox treatment by protecting and repairing your skin from signs of ageing. Remember to check with your Botox professional to ensure your daily routines are correct and beneficial to your Botox treatment.

Sun protection is also very important in your skincare routine. Overexposure to harmful UV rays can actually reverse the effects of Botox. Use a high quality broad-spectrum sunscreen and avoid the outdoors during peak hours. You may also want to consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat while you are out in the sun

  1. Eat Lots of Protein Rich and Healthy Foods

Since Botox is a form of protein, it is important to eat lots of protein rich foods. Additional protein can boost the effects of Botox. Look for foods such as legumes, meats, and nuts. They are ideal for increasing your protein intake.

Try to avoid inflammatory foods as well. What you eat directly affects your overall skin health. Stay away from processed, packaged and sugary foods. Some studies reveals that having enough Zinc in the body has increase Botox efficacy.

  1. Visit our Cosmetic Clinic Toronto for Maintenance Injections. Botox Toronto & Burlington Botox locations.

One of the best way to extend the effects of your Botox treatment is to visit our clinic for a maintenance injection BEFORE the effects of your botox treatment wears off. When you expose the same group of muscles to Botox, you “train” the muscles to respond to botox favourably and therefore increase the duration before it wears off. Maintenance injections will also further the effectiveness of your Botox treatment. Feel free to visit our Toronto Botox or Burlington locations.

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